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Christian Girls P.O.P.

Mar 28, 2022

God has given so much for His children. He gave His Only Son, Jesus, as the Ultimate Sacrifice for our sins. He always provides so much for us and has for generations. 

Mar 21, 2022

God is our Good Shepherd! He leads us and guides in the way that we should go! Tune into this week's podcast episode as we study the reading in our thematic reading plan!

Mar 14, 2022

God is always speaking, we just have to make sure that we're listening. He'll do anything to get our attention. As we study the Scriptures this week, we'll see how He spoke in supernatural, miraculous ways!

Day 72 (Sun 3/13)- Day 78 (Sat 3/19)


2022  Newsletter


Mar 8, 2022

God is so patient with us. He provides in ways that we can't expect, even when we don't deserve it. He provides through miraculous ways! Tune in to hear more!


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2022  Newsletter


Mar 3, 2022

Have you been slacking in your bible time? Did you used to have the desire to read God's Word & spend time with Him, but that fizzled out? THIS is the episode for YOU! Consider this your Gatorade break. Get fueled up. Get renewed. And get back in God's Word! Prepare for strong truths and equally strong laughs in...