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Christian Girls P.O.P.

Dec 28, 2021

Listen in to hear some personal reflection from CGPOP Founder, Stephanie Bright, as she shares some of her personal experiences from 2021, and what the ministry accomplished this year!

Dec 21, 2021

What will the results of discipline be in our lives? How will it affect us spiritually? Tune in to find out!

Dec 14, 2021

Is discipline truly necessary in our lives? What's the use? Why do we need to build discipline, especially when it comes to our spiritual journey? Tune in to find out more!

Dec 7, 2021

We're wrapping up the year discussing discipline! How will we prepare for 2022? More importantly, how will we stay consistent with the goals and plans that we create now? We need discipline to stay on this spiritual journey with Jesus. Tune in to hear more!