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Christian Girls P.O.P.

Feb 28, 2022

God is specific. Every detail is for a reason. Every word in Scripture has purpose for our lives! Tune in to hear the teachings from the week's reading plan as we study Leviticus, Numbers, 1 John, & Psalms!

Week 9: Feb 27-March 5

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2022 Weekly...

Feb 21, 2022

Join us as we get deep into week 8 of our year-long reading plan. This week we study Old Testament & New Testament regarding sacrifice, holiness, atonement, and commandments. I guarantee you will have a different outlook on the "laws" of the Bible! Check it out!!

Week 8: 2/20-2/26


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Feb 14, 2022

This episode is so REAL! CALLING ALL SINGLE LADIES--TUNE IN! You'll hear best friends talk about real life moments, share some laughs, and encourage you in your singleness! Make sure to share with a friend!


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Feb 14, 2022

We are in week 7 and we are moving through these books! It's a great week to learn about God, and what duties were commanded of us back then vs now. Tune in!!


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CGPOP Bible...

Feb 7, 2022

Tune in this week to learn about God's holiness and to see how He has ALWAYS been a Provider!


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